Wednesday, 12 November 2014

TDA2822 Integrated Amplifier Circuits General

General integrated amplifier circuit external components and need more larger heatsink. This paper presents a simple amplifier circuit, made easy. TDA2822 amplifier integrated circuits used in music players, portable DVD and other audio playback; power is not great but you can satisfy the requirements of the hearing, and the circuit is simple, good sound quality, wide voltage range of characteristics such as the amateur production Small amp better choice.

Circuit as shown in Figure 5-107.TDA2822M amp with an integrated circuit to a BTL, (the use of mono and stereo when two) external components only one resistance and two capacitors, with no heatsink, the playback results were satisfactory.
Selection and installation of components:
IC TDA2822M to 8 feet dual inline package, if available can not buy TDA2822 instead, TDA2822 and TDA2822M the same package, which difference is: TDA2822M from 3 V to 15 V can work, and the maximum operating voltage TDA2822 only 8V. TDA2822 must use the voltage dropped to 8 V below. Numerical informal request R1, 10 k generally choose the carbon film resistors. C1 choice of polyester 0.1 uF capacitor, C2 for 100 uF/16V the electrolytic capacitor.

Figure 5-108 its printed circuit board map.

As a simple circuit, the PCB can be engraved shovel role of the rule of law James Shuimo sandpaper or a small amount of water polishes kraft paper, water wash dry, apply a layer of rosin alcohol solution, stem directly after the solder components to the copper foil surface. Welding good after the inspection correct, then no access to speakers, connected to power, between the positive and negative output voltage should be less than 0.1 V. Connected to speakers, hand-touch input, the speaker should be given greater "Ong" sound. Then try to enter the sound signal. Circuit boards do not have to drilling,

Should be used Note: Because this amp for direct coupling, it can not be with DC input signal components. If a DC input signal components must be input in a series connection of around 4.7-10 uF capacitor separated, otherwise, they will have great DC current flow through speakers, so as fever burned. In practice, if 5-107 plans to conduct appropriate reforms are desirable effect.

To improve the circuit as shown in Figure 5-109.

In use found that the volume opened the largest TDA2822M fever when hot, can give TDA2822M produced a heatsink, generally shown in Figure 5-110. Heatsink can be thick lmm, long 38 mm, width of 25 mm made of aluminum plate. And in the heatsink on the reopening of 5-to 6-10 mm, width l mm the slot, then do along the dotted line into a hot film, "I" shape. When first installed heatsink on the release point in TDA2822M. Click 5-111 (a) use the thin Bangzha to bear. It should be noted that the TDA2822M the pin number written on the side of the heatsink, so as to avoid mistakes when welding. And heatsink, volume open only to the most warm, good cooling effect. This method can also be used for other small integrated circuit heat dissipation. Amp circuit caused by two Walkman stereo power continue, to promote two small speakers, good effect.

You can build on the stereo two-channel input circuit, the use of power when a small point, but has it.


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